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Dinner At The Old Hall Hotel, Buxton
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Hello people, let me introduce myself. I am a local Derbyshire bird, who along with her family and friends likes to spread her wings and get her beak sticky sampling food, wine and beer in local restaurants and venues. Hopefully having good times and discovering hidden treasures in our glorious neighbourhood along the way. I'm not particularly snobby about fancy food or surroundings; I just like a place to be clean, friendly, have atmosphere and be able to do a decent job of cooking the food that is their trade. read more

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Who Else Was At The Marketing Derby Food & Drink Awards @RestedCocktails @EngineShedDerby @The_Quirky_Cook @JohnCowings

Sunday 16 Oct 2016

As the name of the blog suggests, I am a rather nosey little birdie who loves asking questions and finding out about things. The Marketing Derby Food and Drink awards 2016 had some fantastic stalls to browse before the award ceremony itself, so I decided to go and investigate.

Now we all know what cocktails are, but I really had no clue as to what a rested cocktail was all about, ...........  read more

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