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New Cocktail Bar At Blueys In Alfreton

Published On Saturday 30 Aug 2014 by Sticky Beak
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Strewth readers, I felt a bit like Crocodile Kookaburra when I went walkabout to Blueys Steak Bar and Bistro last week. Normally places pay Lip Service to a Cocktail Bar when / if they decide to have one, but not the team at Blueys. Oh no, if these guys do something they do it right ; researching the theme they want, sourcing all the materials and putting their own slant on cocktail recipes. Hence when I went to have a sticky beak at “Ned Kellys” Cocktail Bar, I could just as easily have been in the outback or in a hideout from the authorities. It is designed as a tin roof shack with real tin roof, reclaimed wood counter tops and wood and metal bar stools. Fresh herbs in pots and a metal cage suspended from the roof just add to the effect of the bar. The shelving is chock-a-block with every alcoholic beverage known to man and beast and amazingly lit with colour changing lights.

Mrs Blue has been working her little socks off bless her to perfect the cocktail recipes, so I felt it only right that I should go and sample the delights on offer. I know, tough job, but someone has to do it.....

There is a huge range of cocktails and shooters on offer, some fruity, some spicy but all ( that I had ) fantastic. The Shooter that intrigued me most was the “Possum Pudding“, a fairly simple 2 layer shooter of Advocaat and Chambord. It was really pretty to look at with the yellow and pink colours, and it tasted just like a fruit trifle!! Nom nom nom - I could easily have a few of those.

Next up was a  Gin-based cocktail called “ Blueys Bushfire  “ that could be made spicier with more chilli -  then it’s called a “ Raging Bushfire “. It also has Cucumber and Mint in, so it has a great refreshing taste to it. I was also curious to try a Fruitier cocktail, so I opted for a “Mulga Bill“. At this point Leonie mentioned that she had an Ice Crusher machine ( I used to go crackers for Slushies as a young chick ), so I ended up having the cocktail as a Slushie. Now serious cocktail drinkers are probably shaking their heads in disappointment at me, because crushed ice melts quicker and therefore dilutes the taste of the cocktail blend quicker. However, I can assure those purists that the speed with which I demolished this little beaut ensured that there was never any danger of the flavours being diluted!

I always love to see the vibrant colours of cocktails and think that if the girls are having a bit of a get together that the rainbow drinks just add to the happiness of the occasion. Talking of which, I think I may need to get my girl birds together for a cheeky little peek at Ned Kellys soon.

This Cocktail Bar is perfectly situated in a corner of Blueys so that you can just go there for drinks, or sit down for a meal and then wander over for a cocktail or two afterwards. As ever, the service is always with a smile and a bit of banter, with a large helping of camaraderie for good measure. The perfect setting for a fun-filled night if you ask me, so fly down and see for yourselves.

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