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Super Seed Snacks From The Great Stuff Company

Published On Tuesday 20 Feb 2018 by Sticky Beak
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You may recall that I was bowled over by the range of Sweet and Savoury Popcorns from The Great Stuff Company, so I was thrilled to receive some more goodies from Tanja in the post. Very, very kindly Tanja had put some more of the popcorn in the box for me (yum!), but the focus of this blog is the range of seed-based snacks that they do.

First up to try was the Super Seed Crispy Bites with Turmeric. It will come as no shock when I describe their colour as a muted orange, given Turmeric’s’ propensity to colour anything a sunshine hue! As you look at the bite sized pieces you can see all the different seeds contained within them, so visually they’re appealing; would they taste any good though, that’s what I wondered?

Actually they did taste pretty good, and had a lovely crunch when you bit into them. They’re fairly thin, but you can’t just chomp them down as they do take a bit of chewing first. For a smallish sized bag (50g) they don’t half pack a punch; they contain 12.9g protein and only 238 calories! This makes them perfect for those on a fitness regime or watching the calories. Guilt-free snacking? Count me in! :)

The Super Seed Crispy Bites also come in a Matcha and Spirulina variety, which have a more verdant hue to them. You can tell a difference in flavour between these and their Turmeric cousin, these are slightly less sweet to taste, and don’t have the slight earthiness to them that Turmeric has. They have the same satisfying crunch when bitten into and a stomach friendly chew-time; because you have to chew them it gives your brain time to tell your tum that it’s full. Per 50g bag they have 239 calories and 13.4g protein :)

The Great Stuff Company also does two other snacks based around nuts; Super Seed Almond Crunch, and Super Seed Cashew with Cinnamon Crunch. Both of these come in 40g bags, which doesn’t sound much but trust me, these are deceptively filling; I couldn’t finish the Almond crunch bag!

The Super Seed Almond Crunch contains 213 calories and 8g protein per bag. Clusters of Almonds are coated with seeds and bound with Maple Syrup and raw Cocoa, and they taste sooooo good :) There’s a lovely nutty, toasted taste to them and with the Maple syrup inclusion there is enough sweetness to satisfy any cravings. Chocolate fans will be more than happy with the generous Cocoa flavour that comes through in the mouth when eaten.

My last sample to try was the Super Seed Cashew with Cinnamon Crunch, and this little minx comes in at 210 calories and 7g protein per 40g bag. I have to say that out of the Seed snack range, this was my favourite thanks to its close resemblance to Peanut brittle (just without the peanut and toffee bits!). It had a great sweetness to it and a pleasingly dense, satisfying texture. It filled my mouth with taste and the Cinnamon note was just right. The crunchiness was really satisfying and meant that it had to be chewed, making the pleasure last longer.

All the snacks are the perfect size to pop in your work or gym bag, and the lack of artificial ingredients in them means you can snack guilt-free, and not blow your health regime either. Win-Win :)