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Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce
Tintwistle, Derbyshire
07583 403560
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Sampling Broon and Ketch from Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce

Published On Tuesday 12 Mar 2019 by Sticky Beak
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It’s well documented that The Man Bird and me (His Nibs especially) like spicy foods, and the fact that we have a “try anything” mentality. I like to think that it’s this broad-mindedness that encourages food producers and restaurateurs alike to approach us to see if we’d try their wares. One of the most recent teams to approach us was the crew from Daddy Cools Chilli Sauces; clearly they have heard of our ongoing ketchup vs brown sauce debate, and decided (mischievously!) to keep the fire burning.

Fast forward a few days from our email conversations with them, and a parcel was duly delivered to Beak H.Q that contained a bottle of “Broon” sauce and a bottle of “Ketch” red sauce. With the weekend fast approaching, and a parcel from Rounton Coffee Roasters of two of their coffees patiently waiting to be opened, we formulated our Saturday morning plan of attack: Full English and Fresh Coffee.

The tempting aromas wafting from the kitchen awoke the hibernating teen Chick from her lair, and her little eyes widened in glee at the smorgasbord of yumminess that The Man Bird was assembling: thick rashers of Bacon, plenty of fried Eggs, meaty Sausages sizzling away nicely, on-the-vine Tomatoes roasting, and beautifully golden Hash Browns. In no time at all they were being plated up and taken into the dining room, and I followed with mugs of steaming, freshly brewed coffee.

Daddy Cool’s Broon sauce has a spice rating of mild, so Chickadee ventured to try some of this; in proper style, you have to give the bottle a good old shake and smack its bum to release the contents within. In my professional capacity as chief sampler, I was trying both varieties so a good splodge of Broon got deposited on my plate; specifically on one of my trio of grilled whole field mushrooms.

I am a fan of HP’s brown sauce as you know, but the Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce Broon temptress definitely has an extra dimension to it! It packs more of a rounded, fruity punch and it’s definitely more intense in terms of depth of flavour, probably down to being hand-made, small batch produced, rather than millions of bottles homogenously churned out en masse. Vegans, as well as vegetarians, can indulge in this fruity princess too. The Chick and I really loved Broon, and helped ourselves to a second dollop of it!

Being the (slightly) more cautious of the two of us, His Nibs tried a bit of the Ketch on his finger before committing to a full on splodge of it on his beloved brekkie. Turns out he was right to exercise restraint – this is one fiery minx! The 0.4% Carolina Reaper Chilli Peppers in this product gives it its subtitle” The Reaper”, and wowsers it ain’t shy about announcing its presence! You pretty much get that distinct lip tingle straight away, and it keeps going down your throat as you swallow it; bizarrely, it didn’t get my tongue burning, which made it easier to manage

The Ketch has also been awarded two stars in the Great Taste Awards 2018, and it does have a rather versatile repertoire: apparently it gives soups a good oomph when added to them, as well as being a great staple to dunk chips in; it also ramps up the humble cheese toastie.

Our little flock were impressed by both the varieties we were sent to sample, but then we do like a bit of spice in our lives! Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce also does a range of Chilli Chutneys, Spicy Jams, Rubs, Nuts, and Hot Pickles; there is a product in their range for every gastro occasion! What I really like about Daddy Cools is the fact that it is very much a family business; Daddy Cool and his Caribbean-born wife are the main protagonists, but their kids have been roped in along the way in various capacities.

Never has it been more apt to say “Hot Wings” than on this occasion! If you love spicy condiments or just fancy trying something a bit different on your breakfast bap or Full English, just pay their website a visit and get shopping!