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This is it, this is what my blog is all about, food reviews.

I only write good reviews, if I don't like somewhere then I don't write a review so have a read and give somewhere different a try next time you eat out.


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Letoonia Club & Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey With Jet2 1of5
Friday 28 Dec 2018  read review

Woo hoooo, it was jollibobs time; that's holidays in normal language! His Nibs, me, Chickadee and the Boyf Bird headed off to Turkey for some last-minute sunshine. The taxi came early (always a good omen) and off we tootled to East Midlands Airport

Letoonia Club & Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey With Jet2 2of5
Friday 28 Dec 2018  read review

Super comfy beds, bedding and pillows had all worked their magic and given us a fab nights' slumber (despite us rolling in at 1.30 am from the bar!), so we awoke feeling refreshed and ready to face the excitement of our first day .

Letoonia Club & Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey With Jet2 3of5
Friday 28 Dec 2018  read review

Sunday was another glorious day, so we decided to catch the boat taxi over to Fethiye and indulge in a bit of cafe culture. Men were casually fishing on the dockside, chatting to each other, children were playing in the parks, and groups of friends

Letoonia Club & Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey With Jet2 4of5
Friday 28 Dec 2018  read review

Woo Hoo, it's time to Jeep Safari with the team at Evergreen Jeep Safari Experiences. Chickadee, The Man and I did this tour two years ago and had such a blast that we wanted to do it again, and for the Boyf Bird to experience

Letoonia Club & Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey With Jet2 5of5
Friday 28 Dec 2018  read review

Given our late night the previous night, we all had a bit of a lie-in and a later breakfast. We were going on a boat cruise, but pick-up wasn't until 10.30am, so there was no hurry.

Pie Night At The Bull Shed, Shottle, Belper
Thursday 20 Dec 2018  read review

I've said before that we have so many incredible venues in our great county, and it can be very tricky getting to visit them all! We've been meaning to visit The Bull Shed on Handley Farm,

Dinner In The Gallery Restaurant At The Cavendish Hotel, Baslow
Sunday 16 Dec 2018  read review

There's absolutely no denying the breath-taking beauty that is Chatsworth House all decorated up for Christmas, so imagine my glee at discovering that other

A Superb Dining Experience From Incognito Dining
Thursday 13 Dec 2018  read review

When we were first informed about Incognito Dining and its plans, His Nibs and I were incredibly excited by such a fantastic concept, so when we were invited to their inaugural evening we were bouncing off the walls!

Spoilt For Choice, Dinner At Cosmo World Kitchen, Nottingham
Sunday 9 Dec 2018  read review

It's no secret that myself and The Man Bird like food - any kind of food - so when the team at Cosmo in Nottingham invited us over to celebrate the launch of their Christmas

Breakfast At Stamp at the Post Office, Ashover
Wednesday 5 Dec 2018  read review

One of the things I love about the Blog is the interaction we get from you, our wonderful readers. As you're all aware, I love weekends; not only is the daily grind forgotten about

Back To Made @ No 18 In Alfreton For Breakfast
Wednesday 28 Nov 2018  read review

It's been a while since The Man Bird and I sat down together at Made at 18 in Alfreton for breakfast, so when we'd done the grind of grocery shopping one Saturday morning, I persuaded him

Sticky Beak Makes A Flying Visit To York #OnlyInYork
Sunday 25 Nov 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I aren't slouches when it comes to squeezing every last bit of action out of a stay. So, when we were invited to have an overnight stay In York, we planned our time there with military precision!

Dinner At OXO's On The Mount, York
Friday 23 Nov 2018  read review

The Man and I were staying at The Mount Royale Hotel in York recently, and last time we were here (some 20 years ago!) we dined out in the city rather than avail ourselves of the Hotel's own restaurant

A Stay At The Mount Royale Hotel, York
Thursday 22 Nov 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I had the chance to escape to the historic city of York recently, and having visited many years before, and loving it, we jumped at the chance to revisit this magnificent English city. I'm not always the sharpest tool

Afternoon Tea At The Principal Hotel, York
Wednesday 21 Nov 2018  read review

There's just something about an Afternoon Tea that instantly relaxes you, and after an absolutely hectic morning and early afternoon, His Nibs and I were in need of some relaxation! Situated mere

Sticky Beak Braves The York Dungeon
Tuesday 20 Nov 2018  read review

Maybe it was excitement at being in one of England's most historic cities, or maybe it was being re-fuelled at The Ivy restaurant that made us decide to brave the York Dungeons. Whatever the reason, that's where His Nibs and I ended up.

Lunch At The Ivy, St Helen's Square, York
Monday 19 Nov 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I always hit the ground running whenever we are away from the nest, so having left our car at The Mount Royal Hotel we had a brisk walk into the City of York to make our lunch

Sampling Some Christmas Goodies From Il Gusto
Thursday 15 Nov 2018  read review

My little flock, plus the Boyf Bird, have just returned from a fab holiday in Turkey and the 'back to reality blues' have kicked in. Hurrah then for the fabulous team at Il Gusto, who clearly have psychic powers and realised yours truly needed

Dinner At Arunothai in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire
Sunday 11 Nov 2018  read review

Things have a way of just working out, don't they? A planned visit had to be cancelled at short notice, so The Man Bird and I were faced with either cooking a 'surprise', i.e. something defrosted

A Late Dinner At Las Iguanas, Nottingham
Wednesday 7 Nov 2018  read review

This review is quite unusual dear reader in that a) it was totally unexpected, and b) we only had a single course - the reason for which will become apparent. The Man Bird and I were in Nottingham for the press night of Kushi-Ya.

Breakfast At The Pantry In Swanwick
Sunday 4 Nov 2018  read review

I'm guilty, I'll admit it; guilty of having something on the doorstep and not visiting it for an absolute age, despite thinking 'we'll go there next week' for I don't know how long. I refer of course to The Pantry in Swanwick

New Chef, New Menu at The Greyhound Hotel, Cromford
Wednesday 24 Oct 2018  read review

Since The Man Bird and I last visited The Greyhound at Cromford, it's been all change; new private dining room, new chef, and new lunch, dinner and pizza menus.

Dinner At House of Darwin, Shelton Lock, Derby
Tuesday 23 Oct 2018  read review

There must be something in the air - either that or The Man Bird has been wearing Lynx again! - we are being kept busy at the moment (just the way we like it!) and found ourselves at the House

Out For Dinner At Revolucion De Cuba, Nottingham
Sunday 21 Oct 2018  read review

One of the things I love about Revolucion De Cuba (RDC) is the buildings they choose as their venues; Nottingham's RDC is housed in a massive former hotel.

New Menu, New Chef & New Decor At The Plough Inn, Brackenfield
Sunday 14 Oct 2018  read review

Crikey, theres no chance of me getting into any mischief, dear reader! Its been a whirl-wind couple of weeks, and no sign of it slowing down anytime soon - which suits me

A Visit From Chef Karl Tyler For My Daddy Bird's 70th Birthday
Friday 12 Oct 2018  read review

I've said in the past that we're a tight-knit Flock, so when the year came to celebrate one of The Tribal Elders getting even older (!) it was a no-brainer that it was going to be a family get-together. It was my Daddy Bird

Getting our T'ing on at Turtle Bay with the new menu!
Tuesday 9 Oct 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I love spicy food and we also love relaxed dining with an easy-flowing vibe. Well guess what? Turtle Bay has come up with our idea of heaven, called the Caribbean Social,

Making The Choc Chip Balls From Energy Ball Recipes
Monday 8 Oct 2018  read review

You won't believe what I'm about to tell you dear reader. I, me, actually made something to eat - in my own kitchen! Don't faint, it does occasionally happen; albeit I get some funny looks from His Nibs and Chickadee, and they smell

British Small Plates At Arthur's In Belper
Sunday 30 Sep 2018  read review

Back in April, His Nibs and I went to the opening night of a 'British Tapas/Small Plates' venue called Arthur's, and came away absolutely buzzing about the dishes on the menu and the talent of the Chef, Leo.

Breakfast at Bottle and Thyme In Chesterfield.
Thursday 27 Sep 2018  read review

It's seems ages since The Man Bird and I went for a lazy weekend breakfast; I'm sure it isn't really that long, but it seems it! Anyhow, with it being our anniversary weekend, and Chickadee

Award Winning Pies & Lemon Drizzle Cake From The Creative Kitchen Co
Sunday 23 Sep 2018  read review

Many moons ago, The Man Bird and I were having a mooch around the farmers market held at Heanor, in the church, when we stumbled across a mouth- wateringly good smelling stall. Doesn't take a genius to work out our next move!

Out For Dinner At Blenheim House In Etwall
Thursday 20 Sep 2018  read review

Sometimes it's only when you look back at something that you really get a sense of how extraordinary it was. On our way back from The Blenheim House at Etwall, His Nibs and I

Cuban Cusine In Newcastle At The New Revolucion De Cuba
Sunday 16 Sep 2018  read review

Wey aye pet, Revolucion de Cuba has hit the Toon!! A few weeks ago the brilliant Revolucion de Cuba (RDC) added another feather in their cap and opened their latest venue in

Back For Crab Sandwiches at The Endeavour, Newbiggin
Saturday 15 Sep 2018  read review

I have to give it to Northumbria, the coastline is truly stunning and there are some beautiful beaches to walk along. Whenever my flock goes to visit His Nibs' Mummy aka Geordie Bird

Dinner At Lal Khazana Indian Restaurant, Shilbottle
Thursday 13 Sep 2018  read review

As part of our (usually) annual pilgrimage to Northumberland to see Geordie Bird, The Man and I always see if there are any local businesses wanting to collaborate with us.

Sunday Lunch at The Beresford Arms, Whalton, Northumberland
Wednesday 12 Sep 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I made the trek up to Northumberland to see Geordie Bird (his mum), and as is customary we hunted down somewhere (hopefully) suitable for

A Meat Showcase at Porkys BBQ Restaurant in Blyth, Northumberland
Sunday 9 Sep 2018  read review

Not every venue can have jaw-dropping kerb appeal, which is perhaps as well in Porky's World of BBQs case. From the road you see a fibreglass (I assume?) cow, and

Brunch At Hinnies And The New Look Whitley Bay Promenade & Spanish City
Tuesday 4 Sep 2018  read review

It's been about a year since The Man Bird and I were last in Whitley Bay, and we knew change was afoot given the amount of construction equipment around.

Trying Out The Pizza At PizzaStorm, Nottingham
Sunday 2 Sep 2018  read review

It's always nice to be invited back to a venue; I love seeing how a team has evolved, and also seeing how the menu has changed in response to customer feedback. It was

Indian Street Food At The Recently Opened Lotus Indian Kitchen
Wednesday 29 Aug 2018  read review

Small things often yield the most pleasure (minds out of the gutter please!), and over the last few weeks I have discovered this in Indian cuisine. I refer of course to the delicious

Dinner At The Loft Restaurant In Belper
Thursday 23 Aug 2018  read review

Talk about a severe case of the Friday the 13ths! I won't go into details and embarrass him, but The Man Bird really did make a hash of our plans and have to find a back-up plan PDQ!

The Bottomless Brunch At Hide Burger Bar In Derby #GoHideOrGoHome
Sunday 19 Aug 2018  read review

I love weekends, I love food, and I love Prosecco (among other things!). When the invite came from the team at Hide Burger Bar in Derby to try their bottomless brunch

Out For Tapas At The Recently Opened Rubigo in Matlock
Wednesday 15 Aug 2018  read review

Matlock has got a fab new eaterie in town, and it's certainly original. Standing on the site of the old Antiques centre is five month old Wine and Tapas Bar, Rubigo, and there have been

Trying Out A Teetotal Cuba Libre From The Temperance Spirit Company
Tuesday 14 Aug 2018  read review

One fab thing to come out of this scorching summer is the opportunity to sit out in the garden watching the sunset, drink in hand. Unfortunately in such extreme heat as we've been experiencing, alcohol is not our bodies' friend.

A Birthday Dinner At The Lion Hotel In Belper
Thursday 9 Aug 2018  read review

We are, as you know, a very sociable little flock. Life often overtakes us all, or rather hectic work schedules make getting together hard at times! A little forward planning, a.k.a blocking out

Fish and Fizz Friday at The Kedleston Country House Hotel
Sunday 5 Aug 2018  read review

It's been a while since The Man Bird and I last visited The Kedleston Country House Hotel (KCHH), and there has been more than few changes! Not only is there a lovely new manager

A Break From Shopping, Lunch At Giraffe, Meadowhall, Sheffield
Wednesday 1 Aug 2018  read review

School's out for summer and the weather is el scorchio; so what do me and my flock do? Yep, go shopping to the indoor retail Mecca that is Meadowhall! In fairness though, we did

Royal Afternoon Tea at the Swatch Restaurant in Nottingham's Crowne Plaza
Tuesday 31 Jul 2018  read review

With National Afternoon Tea Week rapidly approaching we are getting still more requests coming in to review venues; I know, tough job isn't it?! The Man Bird and

Trying Out The Summer Menu At The Farmhouse, Mackworth
Sunday 29 Jul 2018  read review

It's been nearly two years since The Man Bird and I were last at The Farmhouse, Mackworth; we went there for our wedding anniversary meal as I recall, and had

Dinner At Nottingham's Newly Opened Steakhouse, Bar + Block
Tuesday 24 Jul 2018  read review

It's always exciting when somewhere new opens, and Nottingham's newest steak venue, Bar + Block is a mere few weeks old. Having opened its doors to the

Indian Street Food at Nottingham's Newest Restaurant, Mowgli
Sunday 22 Jul 2018  read review

Eeeeek, I just love it when I get to visit a venue before it officially opens! There's always an incredible buzz from the staff; that kind of excited-but-nervous frisson that embodies the

Out For Dinner At 4550 Miles From Delhi, Nottingham
Thursday 19 Jul 2018  read review

One thing I love about my little blog is the sheer diversity of experiences it affords The Man Bird and I. Even within genres of food there is a huge range of difference, and our visit to 4550

Afternoon Tea At The Curious Tavern, Hockley, Nottingham
Thursday 12 Jul 2018  read review

Well, the odyssey that had been our "Afternoon Tea Tour" was finally coming to a close; Curious Tavern in Nottingham's trendy Hockley area was our final

A Visit To Lost Property And The Lost Caves, Nottingham
Wednesday 11 Jul 2018  read review

It was a gloriously sunny summer afternoon in Nottingham; we'd had a fab Afternoon Tea at Curious Tavern, and the day was still young enough for more mischief to be had. Enter our mischief-enabler extraordinaire, Alannah. Alannah is the

Caribbean Cocktail Tables At Turtle Bay, Derby
Tuesday 10 Jul 2018  read review

As you know I have my own quirky take on many sayings; normally people say "sun's out, guns out" but I prefer to say "sun's out, Rum's out"! And where better

Floral Afternoon Tea At The Garden Secret SPA, Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield
Sunday 8 Jul 2018  read review

The only thing that beats Afternoon Tea is combining it with a Spa session, and that's exactly what The Man Bird and I were lucky enough to do at Chesterfields Ringwood Hall.

A Visit To The New 'Garden Secret SPA' At Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield
Sunday 8 Jul 2018  read review

Todays pace of life can all get a bit overwhelming sometimes, leaving us needing to relax and recharge our batteries. Spas have been popular for some time now, proving that you can never have too much of a good (relaxing) thing;

Afternoon Tea At Browns Bar & Bistro, Mansfield
Thursday 5 Jul 2018  read review

It's been yonks since The Man Bird and I went to Browns in Mansfield's Berry Hill suburb; last time we enjoyed a lovely brunch there. This time we were going to sample their version

Afternoon Tea At The Birdcage In Leabrooks
Tuesday 3 Jul 2018  read review

When something fabulous is on your doorstep, it's so easy to take it for granted and think "Yeah, we'll go there again next week". This is exactly the trap The Man Bird and I fell into

Dinner in the Pear Tree Restaurant at the Yeaveley Arms
Sunday 1 Jul 2018  read review

Sometimes it's a small world, and nowhere was this more clearly demonstrated than when we were invited to Yeaveley Arms. This venue's Managing Director and Landlord was

High Tea At Lisa Jeans At Bennetts Brasserie, Derby
Thursday 28 Jun 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I do like an excuse for a lazy weekend afternoon, and what better way to while away a couple of hours than indulge in Afternoon Tea. It's been a fair while since we last

Dinner And Live Music On Fahrenheit Fridays At Genting Riverlights, Derby
Sunday 24 Jun 2018  read review

It's been a while since The Man Bird and I visited our friends at Fahrenheit Bar and Grill at Genting Casino, Derby. There have been some changes to the menu, and some

Afternoon Tea At The Pekoe Cafe in Chesterfield
Wednesday 20 Jun 2018  read review

I love making my Mummy Bird happy and surprising her, so when we had planned a retail therapy jaunt to Chesterfield with His Nibs and The Chick, I figured it would be a good time to

Blue Star Crab Meat From Strike The Gold Foods
Monday 18 Jun 2018  read review

I like to think I’m a fairly pro-active kind of lass, so when the weather forecast said that we were going to have one good day over the weekend I decided I was having a salad for lunch to celebrate the weather behaving! One of my fave foods is Crab

Dinner & Gin Tasting Masterclass At The Botanist, West Bridgford
Sunday 17 Jun 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I found ourselves back in West Bridgford recently as guests of the team at The Botanist, for one of their Gin Tasting master classes, followed by the

Yakitori Sticks For Dinner At The Swan, Walton-on-Trent
Wednesday 13 Jun 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I have visited Chilled Pubs' other venues, so we thought that we should pay the final pub in the small chain a visit; The Swan at Walton-on-Trent. This venue is right at the

Sampling Nut Butters & Spreads From Nutural World
Tuesday 12 Jun 2018  read review

I have to admit that The Man Bird is what you would call a “keeper”; he’s a good lad when it comes to spoiling me - especially when it’s to something that he himself doesn’t like. No prizes for guessing what Nutural World produce!

Sampling Coffee From Darkwoods Coffee in Huddersfield
Monday 11 Jun 2018  read review

It probably seems as though I focus solely on food and alcohol for the blog, and I must confess to enjoying these two elements immensely, but we are rather partial to a good bean here at Beak H.Q as well!

SPA Day and Afternoon Tea At The Hilton Hotel, East Midlands Airport
Sunday 10 Jun 2018  read review

I always think of Bank Holidays as bonus treat times, being as they provide us with an extra day off work. To this end, the Man Bird and I always try to do something a little different

Bank Holiday Breakfast At The Nuthall, Nottingham
Tuesday 5 Jun 2018  read review

One of the (many) things I love about weekends is the fact that you can have a lie-in and justify going out for breakfast; worked hard all week = weekend treat, right? I reminded The Man Bird

Original, Tea & Lavender Gins From Mason's Gin
Monday 4 Jun 2018  read review

As well as food, The Man Bird and I are rather partial to a tipple or two on occasion. Lady Luck shone across our path again at the Fine Food Show North at Harrogate and we were introduced to the Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin team.

Afternoon Tea At Hart's Restaurant In Nottingham
Sunday 3 Jun 2018  read review

It has to be said that The Man Bird and I have got perhaps the best ever late May Bank Holiday weekend lined up, beginning with Afternoon Tea at award-winning Hart's Restaurant;

Afternoon Tea At The Cavendish Restaurant, Chatsworth House
Thursday 31 May 2018  read review

His Nibs and I had booked Afternoon Tea at the Cavendish Restaurant at Chatsworth House quite unaware of the significance of the date, until the time drew near;

Making Street Food At Coghlans Cookery School
Thursday 24 May 2018  read review

I absolutely love the diverse opportunities that my little blog provides me and The Man Bird with, and occasionally extending out to other flock members. On the first day of the Bank Holiday weekend we were booked in to do the Street Food

Jams, Jellies And Sauces From The Sweet Beet
Wednesday 23 May 2018  read review

Lizzy Hodcroft is a jolly nice young lady it has to be said. Not only is she gorgeous, and a dab hand in the kitchen (more of that later), she has that silky smooth Texan drawl that mesmerises you; seriously, I couldve listened to her talk all day.

Sunday Lunch At The Durham Ox, Ilkeston
Tuesday 22 May 2018  read review

Nothing beats a good Sunday Roast; we Brits can't get enough of them. Actually, that's a big fat fib - having someone else cook the Sunday Roast for you beats doing it yourself, especially now the

Dinner At The Recently Re-opened Hunloke Arms In Wingerworth
Sunday 20 May 2018  read review

It's been a whirlwind week for The Man Bird and me, so it was nice to relax and take a load off at the Chilled Pubs chains' latest venue, The Hunloke Arms at Wingerworth, Chesterfield.

Afternoon Tea At The Orangery Restaurant, Darley Dale
Thursday 17 May 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I have had a rather busy weekend to say the least, so it was nice to spend the extra day (Bank Holiday Monday) at a slower pace. We'd pootled about in the garden in

New Menu And New Cocktails At Revolucion De Cuba, Derby
Tuesday 15 May 2018  read review

Miracles do actually happen folks, and we have had irrefutable proof this weekend; the sun was shining on Bank Holiday Weekend, not just playing about either - proper, full-on

The Spring Dinner Menu At The Duncombe Arms, Ellastone
Sunday 13 May 2018  read review

You cant escape fate, you just can't. And I should know, a hefty dose of it was what led me to cross paths with The Man Bird many moons ago! Laura and Johnny Greenall experienced its

Curds & Cheese From The Teesdale Cheesemakers
Saturday 12 May 2018  read review

It’s no secret that I love cheese, something The Man bird knows only too well! Yet again, he proved that my agreeing to marry him was the best decision I made as he came over the threshold bearing some goodies from Teesdale Cheese makers.

Trying Out A Rate Good Brownie Box From Chesterfield
Thursday 10 May 2018  read review

It isnt just restaurants that we review; it's also food and drink producers too. Chesterfield lass Amy from Rate Good Brownie Boxes got in touch to see if she could send us a box to try - check yeah! and we eagerly waited for the postie to arrive

Afternoon Tea At Croots Farm Shop 'Shires Eaterie' In Duffield
Tuesday 8 May 2018  read review

The typically April shower weather was living up to its name, but the lambs in the fields at Croots Farm, Duffield weren't having their spirits dampened. Oh no Siree, not one

Trying Out New Healthy Eating & Vegan Options At Wagamama, Derby
Sunday 6 May 2018  read review

Unless you've been living on planet moonbeam you can't have helped but notice the trend towards healthier eating; whether that's meant organic, vegetarian, or even

Out For Dinner At The Devonshire Arms, Beeley
Wednesday 2 May 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I are huge fans of anything Chatsworth related, as you know dear reader. When we were asked if we would like to sample the new menu at The Devonshire Arms in Beeley

Dinner At The Brampton Manor In Chesterfield
Sunday 29 Apr 2018  read review

Chesterfield locals will no doubt be aware of the recent changes to what was formerly The Manor at Brampton, but those further afield will perhaps need putting in the picture.

A Bank Holiday Lunch At The Shepherds Rest, Lower Bagthorpe
Friday 27 Apr 2018  read review

Easter has been a bit of a doozie this year hasn't it? The definite high points (from a non-religious view-point) are the chocolate and the 4 day weekend; I haven't been loving

Sampling The Range Of Ajika Abkhazian Chili-Paste
Tuesday 24 Apr 2018  read review

Its no secret that Im a nosy parker, hence the name Sticky Beakblog, so I didn't hesitate when His Nibs asked if I fancied coming with him to the Food and Drink show at Harrogate. The Man Bird was there in his day job capacity

Dinner At The Recently Renovated Cow in Dalbury Lees
Sunday 22 Apr 2018  read review

Sometimes life is really good. The Man Bird and I pulled up in the car park at The Cow in Dalbury Lees and looked at the houses in this pretty little village, drank in the village

Dinner In the Orangery Restaurant at St Elphin's Park
Sunday 15 Apr 2018  read review

Would you believe a year has passed (give or take a couple of weeks) since The Man Bird and I visited The Orangery at Audley St Elphins Park in Darley Dale? I know, neither could we!

New Gluten Free Cookies From Artisan Biscuits Of Ashbourne
Tuesday 10 Apr 2018  read review

Well, what a productive day that’s been! It began with a delicious breakfast of freshly baked Croissants and artisan Marmalade (from Seren's Kitchen) with fresh brewed coffee - just the stuff to fuel a body up for some serious graft in the garden

Dinner In The Royal Boar Restaurant At The Boars Head
Sunday 8 Apr 2018  read review

Our latest little jaunt took The Man Bird and I to the southern bit of the shire, to Draycott in the Clay near Sudbury to be precise. You may recall a while ago that we

Dinner At The Calcutta Club Indian Restaurant in Nottingham
Sunday 1 Apr 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I do rather like Indian Cuisine, as you may have noticed by the amount of venues we've visited. When we were approached by one of the finest in Nottingham we jumped

Out With The Tribal Elders At The Young Vanish, Glapwell
Friday 30 Mar 2018  read review

It's been a while since we took The Tribal Elders out with us for a fuddle, and bless 'em they have been behaving lately; good behaviour should be rewarded, so we invited them along

Cakes & Bad Ass Brownies From The Bake Shed
Tuesday 27 Mar 2018  read review

I figured that healthy eating deserves a day off on Valentine's Day, and not one to do things by halves I lined a day of unabashed gluttony up. Having said that, my conscience did get the better of me, so instead of breakfast AND goodies

Fish & Chips At The Recently Opened Mario's Fish Bar in Alfreton
Sunday 25 Mar 2018  read review

A couple of weeks ago, The Man Bird and I really couldn't be faffed to cook and The Chick was screeching for food; nothing else for it but to order take-out. After the

The Ninth Blend From The York Coffee Emporium
Tuesday 20 Mar 2018  read review

What better way to end a Valentine's Day meal than with a coffee and a piece (or two!) of brownie? The Bake Sheds brownies are delicious, and very moreish, as you may have read in a previous review and deserve an equally lovely partner.

Dinner At The Plough Inn, Brackenfield
Sunday 18 Mar 2018  read review

They always say 'New Year, New Beginnings' don't they? Clearly this was the case for the Brough family, who took over the Plough Inn at Brackenfield at the end of January (2018).The Plough

Dinner With Friends At The Grand Siam Thai in Eastwood
Thursday 15 Mar 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I are blessed to have a wonderful circle of friends, and jumped at the chance to go and eat somewhere new with another couple. Treehugger and Mrs Hugger

Sampling Cakes From The Tasty Cakery in Bakewell
Tuesday 13 Mar 2018  read review

They say it’s a small world and The Man Bird found this out when he was having a wander around at the Harrogate Fine Food Show. Having done his day job all morning, His Nibs went to stretch his legs out at lunchtime and stumbled across

A Snowy Night Feast With @TasteTheSeasons at The Rice Bowl, Belper
Sunday 11 Mar 2018  read review

There's only one thing to do after enjoying a snow day, and that's enjoying a snow night. Our friend Woon at The Rice Bowl in Belper had arranged a few weeks ago for

Overnight Stay At Derby's Cathedral Quarter Hotel
Sunday 11 Mar 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I have been fortunate enough to dine at the Opulence restaurant located in the Cathedral Quarter (CQ) Hotel before, but have never actually stayed in one of the 38 rooms this boutique hotel has.

Sticky Beak Out On The Town In Derby City Centre
Friday 9 Mar 2018  read review

Normally when The Boy Wonder and I get to Derby it's either to visit one specific venue, or it's in the daylight hours. We had been invited to have an overnight stay in the Cathedral Quarter Hotel, and thought we'd take advantage of the

Dinner at the Cathedral Quarter Hotel's, Opulence Restaurant
Thursday 8 Mar 2018  read review

As part of an overnight stay in Derby's Cathedral Quarter hotel we visited the hotel's Opulence Restaurant for our dinner. Opulence really does deserve its name; oak panelled

Lunch At The Newly Refurbished Slug & Lettuce, Derby
Wednesday 7 Mar 2018  read review

It was a case of Deja Vu for The Man Bird and I as we headed back to Derby's Cathedral Quarter. This time we were off to inspect the newly refurbished Slug and Lettuce Pub

Seren's Secret Marmalade From Seren's Kitchen
Saturday 3 Mar 2018  read review

I was lucky enough to stumble across an absolutely amazing lady by the name of Seren at the Fine Food North Show in Harrogate. What initially caught my eye was her wonderfully quirky stall with its wheelbarrow, turf and clothes line

Dinner At The Slice Of India in Derby
Thursday 1 Mar 2018  read review

The Man Bird had some lieu time owing at work, so we decided to have a chillax day. I wanted to go see Fifty Shades, so bless him he booked tickets and sat with me as I drooled over

Back To The Blue Peter A Year After It's Refurbishment
Saturday 24 Feb 2018  read review

It's always nice to feel wanted and be welcomed back to a venue we have previously reviewed, so when the team at The Blue Peter in Alvaston invited us back we flew over pronto!

Tonic Syrups From Jeffrey's Tonics of Chester
Wednesday 21 Feb 2018  read review

It isn’t just food I’m partial to, I like drinking too - and not always alcoholic tipples, although I am partial to those on occasion. By a stroke of good fortune, I met the lovely Mike and Mo at Fine Food Show North, and they are

Super Seed Snacks From The Great Stuff Company
Tuesday 20 Feb 2018  read review

You may recall that I was bowled over by the range of Sweet and Savoury Popcorns from The Great Stuff Company, so I was thrilled to receive some more goodies from Tanja in the post.

Afternoon Tea At Alfreton House Tea Rooms
Sunday 18 Feb 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I are suckers for an Afternoon Tea, so when my beady eye spotted an offer for Afternoon Tea for two for a tenner, I quickly got us a table booked. I've had

Dinner At Gusto West Bridgeford To Celebrate Their 1st Birthday
Sunday 11 Feb 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I love to celebrate (we're happy little souls) so when Kat Galvin, Gusto West Bridgford's business development manager, invited us to celebrate their

Dinner At Simply Thai in Buxton
Thursday 8 Feb 2018  read review

Well, all I can say about our latest visit is better late than never - and the blame lies squarely at my tardy little feet. We have been tweeting with the lovely Mim from Simply Thai in Buxton for roughly

Dinner At The Cricket Inn, Totley, Sheffield
Sunday 4 Feb 2018  read review

We were kindly invited to review the food at The Cricket Inn at Totley, and the first thing my Mummy Bird said was 'oooh Emlyn Hughes lived in Totley, God bless him'. Those of a certain

Sampling Liqueurs From Marron Liqueurs, Lincolnshire
Sunday 4 Feb 2018  read review

Weekends at The Nest are often spent eating and drinking far too much, and this weekend is proving to be no exception. So far we’ve eaten Thai at Buxton, cooked using Lime Tickle pickle (yum!!), had Afternoon Tea, drank shots

Cooking With Indian Sauces From The Aagrah Group
Sunday 4 Feb 2018  read review

I was lucky enough to be brought some Tarka cooking sauces from Aagrah recently, when The Man Bird met them at a trade show. Time was not on my side the other night, but I needed to come up with the goods food-wise; you know what a pair of

Sunday Lunch At The Bridge Inn, Calver
Friday 2 Feb 2018  read review

Lady Luck was shining down on this little bird a few weeks ago; I entered a competition on The Bridge Inn at Calver's Facebook Page and won a Sunday Roast Lunch for four people!

Sampling Chocolates From Amelia's Chocolate, Scarborough
Friday 2 Feb 2018  read review

I like it when The Man Bird has to go out for his day job; not only does it get him out from under my feet, but when it’s to a trade show, he normally brings some goodies home for me to try. I have a bias towards savoury things

Tasty Popcorn From The Great Stuff Company
Tuesday 30 Jan 2018  read review

THERE IS A GOD....... well, there is when it comes to healthy, guilt free snack food anyway. I am currently doing a full-on, booty shaking happy dance at this miraculous discovery. Who'd ever have thought that Popcorn

Cooking With Lime Tickle From The Chilli Jam Man
Monday 29 Jan 2018  read review

There's a new pop up restaurant in town!! Well, no there isn't because it would only serve one dish, which would soon lose its sparkle; but the point is that I HAVE COOKED. Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you dear reader, The Beak has actually

Gluten Free Beers From The Autumn Brewing Company
Monday 29 Jan 2018  read review

I’m just going to put this out there, and leave it, ok? I am an awesome daughter. Fact. I know you’re wondering why, so I shall elaborate. His Nibs recently went to a food and drink trade show for his day job and in the course of the day

Dinner At Ye Olde Gate Inn in Brassington
Thursday 25 Jan 2018  read review

Every now and then The Man Bird and I have the immense good fortune to visit/be invited to somewhere truly remarkable. Last night was one of those times. High in the Derbyshire hills

A Personal Chef Experience From Chef Karl Tyler
Sunday 21 Jan 2018  read review

If a girl can't have a private Chef over to cook dinner for her to celebrate her birthday, when can she have one? You may recall that we hosted a dinner party before Christmas in collaboration with La Belle Assiette

Breakfast At The Recently Opened Hidden Bakery in Eastwood
Sunday 14 Jan 2018  read review

I have to say dear reader, I'm feeling a bit "queenly"; for my birthday I had dinner cooked for me by Chef Karl Tyler (see separate review), and the following morning got taken for breakfast

Afternoon Tea At The Newly Opened Patisserie Valerie, Chesterfield
Sunday 7 Jan 2018  read review

The New Year is starting on just the kind of note I like; filled with food!! As you know dear reader, I swear by the "see food" diet, and this was the perfect example of a balanced

New Years Day Lunch At The Griffins Head, Papplewick
Wednesday 3 Jan 2018  read review

I am a firm believer in starting as you mean to go on; to this end, New Years Day saw me and The Boy Wonder have lunch out at the Griffins Head in Papplewick.